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Singapore imports most frozen fish fillets from Vietnam.

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altIn five years, Vietnam has always been most export frozen fish fillets to the Singapore market. Export value of Vietnamese frozen fish fillets are about twice as high compared to Indonesia - the country's second largest frozen fillet exports to this market.

According to the International Trade Centre, the value of imports of frozen fillets of Singapore in 2011 reached $ 84.6 million, of which imports from Vietnam reached $ 37.1 million. From the beginning of this year, Singapore remains the largest market in Southeast Asia on catfish imports from Vietnam with a monthly average import value of about $ 3 million. Vietnamese catfish dish is popular with many customers in the restaurant on the island by Leo. The big supermarkets like NTUC Fair Price or Cold Storage always sold fish in their food stalls to meet the growing demand of consumers in Singapore.

From 1/1 to 08/15/2012, the value of Vietnam's catfish exports to Singapore totaled $ 22.1 million, down 0.5% compared to the same period last year. Particularly July / 2012, export value reached $ 3.6 million, up 34.4%; June was 3.1 million, down nearly 21 percent - this is not the strongest decrease in the first six months of this year because this figure is still lower than 26% of the first month of the year. Six months of 2011, pangasius exports to Singapore are always positive growth in every month but to the first 6 months of 2012, exports of fish investigation had stalled phenomenon, even down to 2 digits in January, June and April.

On the map the main food supply for the Singapore market, found that China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and dozens of other countries. The supply from the dominant ASEAN in Singapore.

Singapore is not only a major market food consumption (95% mthuc consumption in Singapore is imported), but also a good bridge to re-export to other countries. Thailand's success in the Singapore market, not only because Thai products of good quality but it is important to Thailand has built a brand in this market, so they can maintain good price.

Cold Storage is the first retail food chain search of Singapore and offering a wide range of sustainable seafood recommended by WWF and sell all kinds of aquatic marine Stewardship Council certification, such as fish fillets meluc from South Africa. General manager of supermarket chain Cold Storage, Victor Chia, that want to supply quality seafood products and to create sustainable long-term sustainability and conservation of marine resources.

Singapore is striving to produce 15% of domestic consumption of seafood, while the current figure is 7%. Singapore imports like seafood or fish from Taiwan or China to be raised in an aquaculture facility in the country. However, this also means Singapore's production must bear the risk of the crop from the same source said. Meanwhile, a new campaign to promote the brand also introduced to differentiate the domestic aquaculture and seafood imports. Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC FairPrice said retailers inland aquaculture will be nice and fresh so the price is what we will have to consider. 

Source : Vasep.

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